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Bay Area Blossom Blend

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This rich, fruity raw honey is a blend of unfiltered honeys sourced from across the San Jose and San Francisco Bay area. Lighter tones of butterscotch combine with a touch of fennel, adding a dash of springtime to every bite.

Our bees gather nectar from a wide variety of local wildflowers throughout the Bay area; from seaside meadows dotted with red currant blooms to the sun-kissed inland valleys lush with clover and lupine. Low water content makes it thicker than many of our other honey varieties.

Blending the pure honey from many hives allows us to offer this great tasting wildflower honey at an lower price point. Affordable honey sourced from our San Francisco Bay area hives make this truly local.

Use it as a spice drizzled over bruschetta or to top a homemade mozzarella pizza. Or add it to your breakfast cereal for a sweet and nutritional start to your day.

9 oz and 20 oz sizes are both in glass jars.