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Horsemint Honey

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This raw local honey is perfect for allergy and cold sufferers. Overtones of black Ceylon tea and subtle hints of mint combine for a tart flavor that adds depth and interest to any tea, black, green or herbal.

Particularly good for soothing coughs and colds when mixed with lemon juice, this is a great honey choice to stock up on for winter colds or springtime allergies.

Because all of our honey is unfiltered, the pollen and enzymes are intact, unlike many grocery store brands. This is particularly important when you want to gain the health benefits associated with pure, unfiltered honey. Micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in our Horsemint Honey can boost your overall health and immune system.

Add our horsemint to grilled cheese sandwiches as an unexpected spice to bring out the flavor of the cheese. Or spoon it into herbal tea to soothe your scratchy throat.