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Sage Flower Honey

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This deeply caramel-colored raw honey is rich in texture and flavor. Sourced in the foothills of northern California, our unfiltered honey is primarily harvested from California sage and alfalfa blossoms. It has a high pollen content, containing many essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Fast to crystallize due to its naturally high dextrose from the alfalfa, Sage Honey is a great honey to keep in your pantry for everyday use. It is lower in water content than many other honey varieties, making it highly viscous.

Eat this delicious, mild honey by the spoonful, mix it into your hot beverage, or spread it on toast.

You can also pair this mild honey with a creamy brie to bring out the flavor of the cheese, or sweeten herbal tea before bed for a soothing nighttime treat.